the transformations of energy

By Joel Hidalgo

When you strike the match you use mechanical energy that then becomes chemical that then transforms to thermal to radiant energy that causes the fire of the match and the fire is light and heat

this is thermal energy to electric energy because the earths coal and other fossil fuels have the earths heat that then we use to become electric energy.

a nuclear bomb represents and example of nuclear energy to heat energy because of the nuclear effects when the bomb explodes it releases a lot of heat and fire

Hitting drums is an example mechanical energy to sound energy because you use mechanical energy when you hit the drums and them you get sound from the drums

this is an example of electric energy to mechanical energy because the electricity makes the fan go around and throw air and as the fans move its mechanical energy

a light bulb is an example of electric energy to light energy because of electricity makes the light bulb turn on which is light energy

This is an example of kinetic energy to potential energy because when you run you use kinetic energy and when you stop then you have potential energy

this is an example of potential energy to kinetic energy because when the roller coaster is up it is full of potential energy that then becomes kinetic energy when the roller coaster is coming back down

this is and example of light energy to electric energy because when the light hits the solar panels the light energy becomes electricity

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3 years ago

Great job! I love the real examples of science in action!