Kickoff by Ronde and Tiki Barber

Illustrator Paul Mantell

5 things in already knew about the book (1) Tiki and Rhonde Barber were football Players (2) They barely made the middle school football team (3) They both loved the game of football from a young age (4) They both changed positions in middl school  (5) They lived in the country and were poor

5 things I leared when I read this book (1) Their mom wash courageous lady (2) Both of them were Washington Redskins Fans (3) A factory that polluted the air was put on their side of town (4) All their friends loved football (5) All the coaches loved Tiki and Ronde but they didn't start because they were 7th graders

6 new vocabulary words that I learned additional meanings for (1) mutter-talk under your breath (2) threading (not sewing)-finding your way around the crowd without hitting anyone in the process (3) hot-dogging-to celebrate excessively and mock the other player (4) monotone-to speak in a single tone without emotion (5) monitored- to watch something closely (6) enormous- being very large

3 opinion statements from the book (1) Other people thought that Kevin was funny by making fun of Tiki and Ronde (2) Rhonde thought Norman a know it all and very annoying (3) Ms. Barber thought the factory was obnoxious and a safety hazard

3 inference that I thought during the book (1) I thought Tiki and Rhonde would start because the coaches liked them but they were 7th graders (2) I thought Mrs. barber would get arrested because she protested the factory and didn't think of the consequences.   (3) I thought Adam, the starting kicker, would get hurt because he is small and weak.