A Seventh Grade Year in 10 Minutes

By: Jenna Bornstein

My year from Winter to Fall

Top 10 Events of My Seventh Grade Year

1. My Birthday Party- My thirteenth birthday party was one of my favorite highlights of seventh grade. I had a First Class themed party with many trinkets and games. One of the games was trivia about countries all over the world. After the game, everyone received a mini Eiffel tower, a Japanese eraser panda, a mini Mona Lisa, a mini beach ball, Japanese candy, and a mini suitcase to carry it all. There was also a cake and a candy buffet. I had a very fun thirteenth birthday party.

2. New Years Eve- New Years Eve was very fun in 2014. We had our favorite neighbors, the Steinmeyers, and our very close friends, the Stucky's, come over. In preparation, we blew up many gold and silver balloons, and had many delicious treats made by my sister. She made hot cocoa and different flavors of homemade marshmallows to go with it. Also she made chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and chocolate covered oreos in the shape of flat-topped pyramids. We talked and played games with all our friends up until the ball drop; we were anticipating the ball drop and counted down with champagne and sparkling cider in our hands. New Years Eve is much more fun with friends.

3. Uniting with Victoria- One of my favorite moments for sure, is when I was able to see my best friend Victoria again. One time when we were reunited, we went to pottery with our friend Mandy. Another time, Victoria and I went to the mall with my sister and the two of us tried on dresses; we kept messing around taking funny photos. A third time when we were reunited, we walked around Chagrin Falls for a while just exploring shops and talking. I miss Victoria, so when we are able to see each other, it is always so fun.

4. Spring Break- One of the top moments from my seventh grade year is when my family went to Florida for spring break and we celebrated my grandmother's 85th birthday. We had so much fun seeing my grandparents and my uncle, especially considering that we had not seen my uncle in over a year, and my grandparents for over two years. We rented a beautiful house that had a pool and was very nice. On my grandmother's birthday, we took everyone out to dinner at Stonewood, a restaurant that my grandmother really likes, and then we went back to the house with our uncle. At the house, we stayed up until past midnight watching TV and playing Monopoly. Spring break was very fun for me.

5. Japanese Party- Our family Japanese party was definitely one of my favorite seventh grade memories. My sister made Japanese inspired treats like lemon cookies, bear brownies, and a bunny cake. The food was inspired by bento box lunches that are very common in Japan. There was a tornado watch, but the desserts were great, and it was fun just to have some family time.

6. Awards Night- Awards night was a very fun night. I was invited to come and see if I had received any awards, even though I knew I was already being recognized for perfect attendance and a 4.0 grade point average. I went up onto the high school auditorium stage to receive my 4.0 award, as did every other student with a 4.0. Also I stood up to be recognized for my perfect attendance; I was one of twenty-four students in the entire middle school to have perfect attendance. I was surprised when I received the Achievement Award for being a good student and always completing assignments. Overall, awards night was one of my favorites.

7. Outsiders' Day- Outsiders' Day was very enjoyable for me. Outsiders is a novel we read as a class about a school were there are two very different social groups that are quite violent with each other; there are Greasers, and Socs. Greasers are very tough people who were leather jackets and carry around pocket knives. Socs are wealthy, preppy people who were sweater vests and khakis. On Outsiders' Day, everyone in the seventh grade dressed up as either a Soc or a Greaser. I dressed up as a greaser as did many other people. During our Language Arts period, we played activities and just had a fun class time.

8. Chuzzlewit's Challenges- Chuzzlewit's challenges were a very fun part of my seventh grade year. What we did was after a few tricks and fun ways of introducing the whole topic, we had one class period to complete several challenges. The first activity was your whole group had to complete several was of maneuvering through 3D shapes made from PVC pipes. The next was there were a list of words you had to figure out through riddles that all started with the same letter. Next, we had to build a small LEGO train. After that, we had to build four 3D pyramids and use them to make one big pyramid. After that we had to make as many words as we could relating to the topic on a Scrabble board. Lastly, we had to get four tennis balls and two poles across a path by only using those materials, and you had to bring everything on one trip. Also your hands and feet could not touch the floor. It was a very different and fun experience completing Chuzzlewit's challenges.

9. Radio Dramas- I enjoyed creating a radio drama during English class. We had learned about how Orson Welles took the novel War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells and gave it a whole new meaning. Before he made it into something different, it was just an average novel, but Welles decided to bring the novel to life. He ended up doing more damage than expected by scaring a whole nation of people. Welles used instruments, voices, and many other noises to create the effect of aliens actually invading Earth.

For our project to go with the unit, we were required to make groups and create, as a group, our own radio drama, just like  Welles's. My group-Bailey and Macey-and I decided to do a radio drama that was about someone entering a mysterious world into a parallel universe. We had to choose characters, and a plotline; we had to be creative and come up with everything on our own. Also we had to choose instruments and other household materials to make noises necessary to create the full drama effect. We were very nervous to record the radio drama, even after we practiced and practiced, but as soon as we entered the recording room and sat down, we were no longer nervous. Our radio drama is below.

10. Camp Downtime- During camp downtime, I had an awesome time. I loved gossiping with my friends and playing games. Also as a cabin, we made tee-shirts with our cabin name, our last name, our number, (from when we would count off) the year, and everyone signed them. I had more fun with my cabin than I expected. Here is a picture slide show of my camp experience:

The Kenston STAND Committee

The Kenston STAND Committee is a group of middle schoolers and teachers from Kenston Middle School that have decided to take a STAND against bullying. STAND is an acronym for Students Taking A New Direction. We as the STAND Committee have invited many guests to come and speak at our school and talk about life stories that have changed their lives forever. Also we do other things for our school like sell candy grams to raise money for our school dances. The STAND Committee tries hard to benefit the community even if it means taking time out of our day to make posters or waking up early to go to a meeting.

STAND Field Trip to the Wiles was a very fun and thoughtful field trip. We decided to go to the Wiles, a home for the elderly, and decorate people's doors for the holidays. Each STAND member had a partner and the two people grabbed supplies for their door's decorations. Once the pair finished that door, they moved onto the next assigned door. I had so much fun making the elderly have a wonderful holiday season by bringing joy to their homes.


My Mandala 2015

Art has always been my favorite subject in school. I love arts and crafts, DIYs, and anything creative. One of my favorite projects I made this year was my Mandala. Mandalas are originated in India and usually are created with colored sand so it can blow away. What Mandalas represent are one's place on Earth, and to me they are a calming yet spontaneous way of creating art.

Also in art we are working on perspective projects where we create a room that is not average. You work on it by adding 3D objects, turning the paper, drawing more objects, and repeating. After we finished the rough draft, we had to trace it onto final paper and outline it in thin sharpie. Then when we color, we color with markers in the same direction and add value with colored pencils. Perspective lets you create and abstract picture that can be interpreted in many ways.

Favorite Moments in HELA

One of my favorite moments from English this year was working on the class novels and projects. I especially loved the project we did when we were able to create a face representing the novel I Uglies, by Scott Westerfeld. The idea of the project was to create a face; half representing what is pulling Tally to New Pretty Town, and the other half, what created Shay's urge to stay ugly. These characters can be seen growing emotionally and some physically throughout the course of the novel.

For my face, I chose to represent how on Tally's side is wanting to be covered up until surgery; for Shay's I represented how she does not care about her appearance, she still wants to live like an ugly.

My Uglies Face 2015

A second favorite activity we completed in English is the Image is Powerful unit. We each had a notecard with which we wrote down how we think people see us. On the other side, we wrote down our favorite qualities about ourselves. Our teacher then took everybody's responses and made a Wordle for each of the sides, for boys and girls. We then analyzed the Wordles and realized many other people feel the same way about themselves as we do about ourselves. This was supposed to help us realize to appreciate ourselves, and to know that everybody has insecurities.


Precepts are a group of words that mean so much more than they say. My precept expresses being strong no matter the situation. People think life is easier when you give up, but it is better to try your hardest. If there is ever a difficult situation, do not just walk away from it, work around it or through it. My precept also has the meaning that there is no way to prepare for everything in life, only what is planned. Though many parts of life are planned, many are also not planned and there is no way to expect the unexpected.

My precept for incoming seventh graders is,

Go with the flow and never give up, because life is not what you expect                                                           -Jenna Bornstein

Seventh Grade Camp

Camp was quite the experience. I had so much fun spending time with my cabin; whether it was playing games or gossiping, we had a great time together. On the first day, we ate lunch after we arrived and then got ready to play camouflage and take Nature Hike. Once we finished our activities for the day, we had dinner, downtime, and then we made s'mores with all the girls. On the second day, we had breakfast, downtime, orienteering, and then arts and crafts. The arts and crafts was my personal favorite activity. After that, we had lunch, downtime, rock wall, challenge course, dinner, and downtime again. The rockwall was not great, especially because I have a fear of heights, so I was just a part of the support team the whole time. On other days we learned dances, games, how to survive, we walked in the creek, we fished, we took a boat ride, we played ultimate frisbee, and learned how to cook outdoors. Camp was alright, but what I really liked was spending time with my friends.

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Great pictures and amazing detail. I love how you included events from your personal life, not only from school. The Japanese party sounds like fun and I know the desserts must have been delicious

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