Summer vacation

 It's now Christmas time and my family and I are opening presents. I got a heap of Lego friends and cooking stuff. Mum and I made some deilisous chocolate ripple cake.

We also went to the Portland beach with our cousins Georgia and Lucy, Jayden, Kyle and Mikayla. We wrote our names in the sand, my sister Sophie and I collected a heap of rocks. We saw the fireworks for New Year's Eve and we went to the Portland carniaval.

My cousins Georgia and Lucy, Jayden, Kyle and Mikayla and my family went to Port Fairy and there was hugnugs waves. Then it was dinner time and we went to where the men were fishing.

We went to the pool twice and the first time it was my birthday And I saw my friend Kelsey there. I went on the diving board and my brother Tyler did to. Kelsey and I played for two hours.

The second time we went was very hot day and we were the only ones there.    
My brother Tyler, my sister Sophie and I played tiggy in the pool and I won.

We went to Adventure Park and the first thing we did was get into our wet suits. I was the first one to get splashed with heaps of water. It was a fantastic day.

  • Port land beach
  • Port fairy beach
  • Adventure park
  • Swimming pools

Yay yay is holidays!!!!!

Toripic holiday

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