Favorite Season

By: Austin W.

When I woke up on the first Saturday of spring I smelt my moms pancakes as I was walking out to get some breakfast. I ate real quickly but savored every tasty bite of pancake so I could go out and bounce on my trampoline. Right when I walked out I took a big whiff of the air and smelt the wet grass. After that I went out on my bike and rode by my neighborhood pool and smelt the blossoming flowers by the line of kids doing cannonballs. I love the sound of the water brushing up against the pool walls. After riding my 15 miles I went back home, because there was a light rain. On my way home I saw a beautiful rainbow. While I was getting ready for the Royals game the rain stopped which made me very excited. At the Royals game the field was so green from all of the rain. The smells were amazing. I couldn’t wait to get a hot dog and soda. There was lots of cheering and I caught a foul ball by Alex Gordon. I couldn’t believe it since he is my favorite player. The Royals won which made the first Saturday of spring the best day ever!

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