The extraordinary Grant's Zebra!!!

By Sophia

Lets begin!!!!!!!!!!

Is a zebra black with white stripes or white with black stripes? The truth is the world might never know. But I can tell you the description, conservation, diet, and habitat of the Grant's Zebra. Don't know where to look for facts about the Grant's Zebra? Look here because you are in for an exiting adventure in the savannah with the Grant's zebra. Now are journey begins!!!

The absolute extraordinary Grant's Zebra is a beautiful horse shaped creature. The Grant's Zebra can weigh up to 660.3 pounds at an average weight. The Grant's zebra can be between 3.9 and 4.5 feet at an average height. The Grant's zebra has bold black and white stripes. Did you know the baby Zebra has brown stripes? Zebras live in small groups from 5-15 zebras. Living together is way safer!!!

Did you know the Grant's Zebra is an herbivore? It eats grass, shrubs, leafy vegetables, and twigs. Zebras drink water. Often in the desert, water is scarce Zebras have to sniff for underground pools. If necessary, they will eat fruit, roots or even bark!!

The extraordinary Grant's Zebra lives in a savannah. A savannah is like a desert; very sandy with few patches of grass. In the desert water is scarce with very few ponds.

The extraordinary Grant's Zebra has many threats, enemies, or loss of food/water. The Zebra's main threat is a lion, ROAR!! Another animal endangering the Zebra is a wild dog. Finally, the last enemy of the Zebra is a Hyena. The Grant's Zebra, like any other biotic creature, will die from loss of food/water. The last threat is a human, that is right, me and you today are killing the Zebra.

So lets recap the Grant's Zebra is a herbivore, it lives in a savannah, lions are a main threat, and the zebra can weigh up to 660.3 pounds.

Herbivore- only eats plants
Conservation- a threat to a biotic creature
Extraordinary- very unique
Conclusion- closing paragraph
Savannah- like a desert

Thanks for reading!!!