Inheritance Project
Research Paper

Research: What have I inherited?

Inheritance: (noun) money or objects that someone gives you when they die.

(Cambridge Dictionary Online)

“Inheritance” can also refer to those things we inherit in a figurative sense, such as our culture, our values, our stories—and a person doesn’t have to die to give us an inheritance.


  • You will write a 3-4 page research paper on something you or your family has inherited and place it in the context of larger historical or cultural events.

This paper will require you to do two types of research:

1. Research: databases, websites, videos and books for historical information that place your inheritance in the context of historical events.

2. Interview: family or community members about something you or your family/community has inherited from your ancestors.

Expectations for the research process:

  • Brainstorm a topic and a back-up topic.
  • Conduct research using school-sanctioned databases, websites and books. (at least 3 sources)
  • Take notes during all interviews and academic research.
  • Each source’s notes should be a separate google doc in your folder.
  • All notes MUST include the source of information.
  • Develop a list of questions to interview family/community members.
  • Conduct an initial and follow-up interviews of family/community members.
  • Comply with note checks, as they are scheduled.
  • Submit a thesis statement as scheduled.
  • Submit an outline as scheduled.
  • Write a rough draft by deadline _______________________.
  • Must be complete, properly formatted and with proper citations and works cited list
  • Participate fully and constructively in peer edit of papers.
  • Complete a final draft and submit with all peer evaluations of your paper and rough draft.

IMPORTANT: This paper MUST be completed for you to receive credit for Quarter 4. Failure to complete this paper, according to expectations, will result in an N for English. Papers not properly cited will not be accepted, so document your sources carefully using the half-sheet, source information sheets provided in the library.

Comply with all deadlines to receive full participation points; all research, drafting and peer editing count as participation points. The final paper will count in the Summative Assessments category of your grade.