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The 2nd Battle of Ypres- Untold Story of German Victory

Exclusive information from the German army demonstrates how our intellect and chivalry won this battle

Date: Friday, May 28, 1915                            Author: Irma Shäfer

ESSEN- The second battle of Ypres has reached its denouement and the details are in. Over 78,000 British, Canadian, and French casualties and we have all the gripping facts. This is a battle which has spanned from April 22 to May 25, and just days after, the truth comes out. This great war has been only escalating but nothing will be the same after the 2nd battle of Ypres. The German Army has been innovating their weaponry  and this battle was the climax of their efforts. From this moment on, the significance of this battle will be remembered due to the intelligence of our Army. Because there have been so many events thus far, elaborating on some key points is a necessity.

This is the aftermath of Ypres after severe shell bombing

A few months prior to the second battle, the Canadian troops landed in Ypres alongside their allies France and Britain. During August 1914, our troops had been keen on taking over Paris but seeing as how that wasn't successful, it was of the highest importance that we can conquer Ypres. Because Great Britain had guaranteed Belgium neutrality, Britain had to bring extra manpower so they brought over the Canadians. So far in during this war it's been unheard of to have Canadians  contribute majorly to the battles, but now we know that they are a clear threat to our colonies. The Canadians have proved that they are one with the allied enemies, making them our enemy. This battle spanned over many days with counter-strikes from the opposing side but so fart things are progressing just fine. Germany's initial plans might be put on temporary hold due to overwhelming battles which continue but it will continue to be top priority.

German troops have been investigating new ways to demolish the allied enemies and they did so by using poisonous gas. Although prior to The Great War, any use of chemical weapons had been outlawed, the German troops were able to use a substitute chemical known as chlorine gas cylinders. The British colony might recall that the Hague Conventions but a ban on using poisonous gas, but that is a false statement. The Hague Conventions has only elaborated that the use of asphyxiating and deleterious gases is not permitted, not using gases which are released through a cylinder. So on the 17.00 hour of April 22nd 1915, the German army dropped approximately 160 tons (5700 cylinders) of chlorine gas onto the trenches around the German lines. This put the French-Algerians at a high disadvantage which caused them to flee and leave 6 miles of allied trenches out in the open. To their rescue came the Canadians which were able to recover and station themselves where the French-Algerians used to be. This battle carried on with the Canadians but the effects of the chlorine gas rippled through the battlefield.

German Soldiers inserting chlorine gas cylinders into the tanks

Now that the second battle at Ypres has come and gone,  it's important to reflect on the damages which have been inflicted upon both the allied enemies and Germany. The casualties of this battle are fairly minuscule but it left a big impact on how the war will be played out from now on.  It's been revealed to us that one Canadian soldier described the front lines of being "filled with gas which was in all shades of green and yellow, it covered the sky above like a blanket". The gas cylinders erupted causing serious damage to the soldiers of the allied enemies. The French-Algerian soldiers took the hit hardest of all, mostly dying and suffocating right on the front lines. However, many Canadian troops were able to survive and protect the front lines. The overall damage of this battle has been devastating with the use of chlorine gas cylinders and flame throwers. Seeing as how the war will only enlarge, its unsure to say how much more casualties there will be.  

From the commencement of this war there have been many vigorous and bloody battles, so you might be wondering what is the significance of this particular battle. Well, this battle has drastically revolutionized modern war crafts and it's all due to the efforts of the German army. Before this battle, considering gases as an attack weapon was unfathomable but from now on it will be a key component to ensure that Germany is the solid victor. This battle will reconcile our colonies and remind our citizens that we have the upper hand and that we will prevail. We here at Der Deutche Techniker will continue to deliver you hard news on the events yet to come. There is a lot of uncertainty as to how or when this war will end but when it does, we will be delivering you the most recent news.


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