My Rocking Summer

Sort Of

It was near the beginning of summer and it was pouring rain outside. My sister who is crazy for dogs found a baby Chihuahua in a box outside of the place she works at. And as you might assume she brought him home and fed him chicken. She kept it a secret to my mom and dad also me because we had four dogs also 2 cats that fought over the house. My mom hated the noise of cats fighting and dogs barking\yipping. One month later my parents found out and my mom liked the little puppy and named him Truman. When I and my dad found out my dad was upset I didn't really care about it. When I went swimming He followed me in and swam into the retrieval box and I had to fish him out all the time. He also sat on my back when I swam. It was funny but one day my German Shepard Miley got bored and jumped in the pool and swam after me and Truman in a mad dash and chased me across the pool for Thirty minutes. But her and Truman became friends and play. He normally bites her ankles and she picks him up with her mouth. When Summer ended I had the best time ever.

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