Comparing and Contrasting News Articles

Yannick Gordon

Matt Corrigan

Matt Corrigan is a 16 year old boy. He saved an old lady's life, and two dogs. He witnessed Hurricane Sandy. He tryed to help his family maintain their house during the Hurricane. Matt is brave, courageous, and daring.

Ariel Creamer

Ariel Creamer is a 14 year old girl. She went to Brooklyn to be safe from Hurricane Sandy. She made a Facebook page called Silver Lining. She earned a medal from the president. Ariel gave back to the people in her community that lost things during Hurricane Sandy.

Deomonte Love

Deomonte Love is a 6 year old boy. He witnessed Hurricane Katrina. He got separated from his parents. A book was written for his actions. He had to take care of 5 toddlers by himself.

Similarities-Matt & Ariel

Matt and Ariel both lived in New Jersey. Their houses were messed up because of Hurricane Sandy. They both helped people in their neighborhoods. They are both heros.

Similarities-Matt & Deomonte

They both witnessed a hurricane. They both did not get recognized from the president. They are both boys. Their house were both damaged. They both took caf people.

Similarities-Ariel & Deomonte

Ariel and Deomonte are both heroes. They both helped people after the hurricane. Both of them got recognized in a way. They are both young heroes.

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