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Week of April 16th, 2015


How Recruiters Look at Your Resume

Hanna Herrin:
Getting the Most Out of an Internship


Reminder: Register Your Internship, Receive Transcript Notation

To start the process of receiving transcript notation for an upcoming internship you have in the Summer of 2015, you must first register your internship on DU Link. On the right side of the homepage under "Internships" you will see "Summer 2015 Internship Form (Register Here!)." You can access the form and begin the application for transcript notation here.

Stipend Application

For those who have accepted unpaid internships, the stipend application is still open and will remain open until May 31st! Search "stipend" in the DU Link job postings to find the application and find out more details about how to apply.

Companies Still Offering Internships in Chicago

Morning Advising Hours

While most of the appointments scheduled with our career advisors occur in the afternoon, our office is willing to be flexible and meet the demands of students with busy afternoon schedules. If a morning appointment is more suitable for your schedule, please contact our office and we will make accommodations.

Ask A Fellow: Unpaid Internships

Have a question for our fellows? Send your inquiries to with "Ask a Fellow" as the subject line. Your question could be featured in an upcoming newsletter!

This week's question: "I have been offered an internship for the summer, but it's unpaid and only part-time. Is it worth it? What would be the best way for me to make the most of the time I have leftover during the week?"

Answer: Unpaid part-time internships are becoming increasingly common in today's job market for current college students. The part-time aspect of the internship can actually be viewed as a positive, as it allows for you to pursue other experiences during your summer. One option would be to try to land a second part-time paid job that allows you to make money on the side while you also fulfill your internship. You could also consider using this extra time to job shadow in other industries of interest. If you view the internship to be a potential forward step towards your overall career goals, you should consider accepting.