YouTube/ Inappropriate Websites etc.

                 I’m going tell you the effect of things you could do on your Chromebook. You were looking up something on the internet and maybe something comes up on your screen that you know is inappropriate and you go and show other people and, then the effect could be that your teacher finds out you would be in big trouble you could get privileges taken away. If you tell the teacher right when you see it your teacher would trust you more not that you teacher does not trust you.

                   You do have YouTube on your computer your teachers can put things on there that they want you to see so you look it up and instead of the thing you were looking you something else comes up and you watch it and it was inappropriate and tell your friends to come and watch it with you the effect could be your teacher comes over and the teacher sees and tell you to turn it off and talk to you the teacher could tell your parents or you would have to meet with the principal and get privileges taken away. If you ask the teacher what does the video look like and tell the teacher that you are on something else that is not what you are looking for the teacher could help you find it. You should do the write thing on your computer even if a teacher is not around. You do have YouTube on your computer but you can only use it if your teacher tells you to go on it. So I have told you a lot and I hope you took that all in. Thanks for reading and good luck!

                    CHROMEBOOK VS.PAPER


Chromebooks are usually right the whole time but Chromebooks sometime are wrong so you have to be careful. Chromebooks are always updating, Chromebooks are sometimes frustrating a lot. Chromebooks sometimes don’t work.


Books there is really nothing wrong when you have books. Books are not all the time updated so you could miss things that you need that people have found out that is not in a books. Books are usually not as frustrating as technology. books always work


They are both really easy sometimes but at the same time you can’t find anything. On both things both Chromebooks and really books can be wrong. You can bookmark on both the Chromebooks and really books



I am here to tell you what to do when your computer will not work or it is not connected. Your computer sometimes does not work don’t let that get in your way. So lets say your teacher wants you to go on LMC webpage to research but your computer is not working. You could tell your teacher then she/he might tell you to go to a friend that is researching the same thing as you. You could do it together and take notes on paper because even though we have computers does not mean that you can’t use paper. Lets say you have to go on to Google drive and you get on it and it is offline so it will only let you on certain things but it would not let you get on what you need so you go on the left hand side and there will be words and scroll all the way down press more and then scroll down again then it will say offline press that and your computer should work.

                        Sharing Google docs

Do you want to learn how to share a Google doc with someone or lots of people well I can show you.

First- You have to make a Google doc and make the title it is in the top left corner it should say if you didn't change untitled document you click on it the you write what you want it to say.

Second- You will find a button in the top right corner click on it should say share.

Third- On the bottom it will say invite people click below it it should say enter names click there.

Fourth- Write the peoples names and last name then hit send and done then you finished sharing your Google doc.


                    My Chromebook and This Year

This year I have used my Chromebook every day. I have used paper and a pencil only for per-test and post-test that is the only time I have used paper. This year I have used my Chromebook for everything. I think you guys will use it a lot this year to. We have and you will use Google doc a lot It is one of the main thing you use but it is really fun you get to use different types of font it is really cool and you can make the text really big. I hope you have as much fun as I do.

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