Oneida Nation

Meaning: People of the Standing Stone

Past History

They lived in New York. They were forced to move to  Wisconsin and Ontario,Canada.

Present History

They live in New York, Wisconsin, and Ontario,Canada. They are getting forced to move to Ontario,Canada and Wisconsin.


They were farming people. The women grew corn, beans, and squash. They harvested  wild berries and herbs. The men hunted deer, elk, and fish.


The guys wore breech clothes with leggings. Later, they wore shirts and blouses. In war they wore a headdress which had three eagle feathers on it. The women wore wrap around skirts with shorter leggings, over dresses, moccasins, and Iroquois dresses. Later they wore shirts and blouses


They lived in longhouse villages. Each longhouse was up to 100 feet long. Every longhouse was covered in a piece of wood.


If they were hunting they used bow and arrows. When they are fishing they used spears and fishing poles. In a war they used bow and arrows, clubs, spears, and shields. They also used stone adzes (hand axes) , flint knives, and wooden hoes.


They liked to play lacrosse, dolls, and a game that kids try to throw a dart through a moving hoop.

Interesting Facts

They filled there drums with water to give them a distinctive sound. They built dugout canoes for fishing trips.


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