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Despicable me

Despicable me is a computer-animated 3D comedy film Gru is a villain who adopts three girls from an orpage  He plans to shrink and steal the earth's moon.

The characters are Gru, Vector, Dr Nefario, Margo , Edith and Agnes.

Steve Carel voices Gru, Jason Segel voice Vector, Rusesell Brand voice Dr Nefario ,Miranda Cosegrove voice Edith ,Elsie Kate voice Agnes.

The director are Pirre Coffin are Chris Renaud, Pharrell Williams and Heitor Pereira played the music.

The story wos interesting and funny,the animation is amazing and colorful,the music wos great an the ending wos happy

The recommend because wos fun

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3 years ago

We recommend the film because it was fun

3 years ago