Orpheus and Eurydice

By: GETCHELL and Spence

Moral: go after what you think to is correct

Explanation:You need to go for it, if you think that you can do something, and you try your hardest, you will succeed.

A modern day reference was the play Eurydice.

Summary: Orpheus is a great musician and he can choose and bride he wants and he chooses Eurydice, the y get married and they are very happy. Eurydice and Orpheus are on a walk and Eurydice is bitten and killed by a snake, then she is taken to the Underworld. Since, Orpheus is good with music, he plays his music to get into the Underworld, then he barters with Hades for his wife's life, he can take her back but cannot look at her before he's out of the underworld. He is almost there and he looks back, she is lost forever. He is torn by grief and wanderers the wilderness and is ripped apart by a group of women in a drunken frenzy.

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