The Summoner

"Who had a fiery-red, cherubic face,

For eczema he had; his eyes were narrow.

As hot he was, and lecherous, as a sparrow;

With black and scabby brows and scanty beard;

He had a face that little children feared." (Chaucer pg.20 lines 624-629)

Indirect Characterization

1. "A better comrade 'twould be hard to find."  (Chaucer pg. 21 line 648)

This quote is showing that he is a very quality friend that could not be found elsewhere.

2. "Except a man's soul lie within his purse" (Chaucer pg. 21 line 656)

This quote shows that the summoner clearly had a large amount of responsibility in his hands.

3. "Why he would suffer, for a quart of wine. Some good fellow to have his concubine. (Chaucer pg. 21 lines 649-650)

This quote shows that the summoner is a hard worker and would suffer and sacrifice in order to provide to his family and care for them.

Direct Characterization

1."He was a noble rascal, and a kind" (Chaucer pg.21 line 647)

The summoner was kind, but also stubborn and loyal.

2. "But well I know he lied in what he said." (Chaucer pg.21 line 659)

3. "In his own power had he at ease." (Chaucer pg.21 line 663)

    He was his own boss and was peaceful and content with his own power.


1. Frightening

2. Loyal

3. Untrustworthy

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