Unbound Non-profit

Have you ever thought how sad it would be to see a child without a home,education and health that's why unbound came to Kansas.Also, it's the largest non profit in Kansas City.

The first reason kids and adults should donate is other kids need clothes,food, and a shelter.

Second,kids need a education.

Last,kids need health (if needed)

Like I said before it's sad to see kids suffer from hunger,sickness,and shelter or family loss

It's how Unbound provides things in need for children and elders from 21 different contries around the world from Africa to the phillipiens and from other places around the globe.Other people that are healthy should donate to Unbound for $30 a month can change a child's life.

Some kids weren't as lucky they didn't know about Unbound so they didn't have the money to afford health care.Unbound works with over 300,000 people a year.to help a child go to Unbound.org and change a child's life.

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