i loved this project. it was a fun thing that will help me when im older i expecally liked the tech stuff

my job and salary

my yearly income is 76,305 i divided 76,305 by 12 and got 5,404.93 to get my monthly income i choose to be a doctor because i get high money and i get to help people inneed

my budget  speadsheet

at the begging i have 5404.93 dollars a month and i save 740.49 dollars a month i spent  1,075 $ for my house and 300$ for utilities a month i spent 224$ on my car payment and 75$ for car insurance also i spent 120$ on gas for my groceries i spent 500$ per month and 200$ on clothing i spend 100$ for entertianment and i also spend 1500$ for my pets for a month i spend 150$ for health insurance i have 240.44$ in fun money i spend 80$ on my phone and 100$ on restraunt i had 540.49 on my savings but i added 200$ to it and i now have 740.49$ in my saving per month at the end i added everthing up and subtrtracted it from 5404.49 and got a balance of 0$ then i multiplid 740.49 by 12 to get my yearly savings and i got 8885.88$ and for 6 months its  4442.94

my car

for my car i chose the ford fiesta it is 419$ a month and that includes  the gas ,and car  insurance and the car payment i chose this car because it holds the most people and the motorcycle is the cheapast but it the least safe and the truck was just to much for little oh me and the mustang was to much money the car that i chose felt safe and perfect for me

my house

the house that i chose was the small house it has 3 bedrooms and 2 bath rooms its perfect for having guest the house is 1075$ and the utiliies is 300$ and the whole house is 1375 per month i picked this house because it good for guest and the big house was too much money and too big for me and the apartment is too loud with to much people and i would would have to be quiet , but with my own place i can be as loud as i want

my grocery list

.eggs 4.68

.milk 2.47

.butter 5.48

.pasta 2.42

.cereal 4.48

pasta sause 3.82

beef 16.72

green beans 2.75

mashed potatoes 4.47

chips 6.98

vegtalbe oil 6.78

digergent 10.99

flour 1.69

granola bars 2.99

waffles 2.39

salt 2.00

pepper 3.25

beans 12.96

strawberries 2.99


i thought this was a good oppertonity to see how it is when your older