By: Cat

Auxiliary is a great sport because it can give you new challenges to face, make new friends and you can also express yourself!

Self expression in auxiliary is very fun. when you do certain moves in a routine it can express your feelings, your personality, and other things!

Self expression could also be seen through the costumes the girls or boys wear. Yes boys can join auxiliary/color guard as you see below. Based on the colors of the uniform is your form of self expression. Like if your routine is based on a song about the circus or something the uniform down below wold be good for the guys to wear.

The last form of self expression is how you work together with everybody. If you watch closely when watching a color guard routine

This picture shows that the team works together and they all are friends. In auxiliary you also get to talk and work with a lot of people you already know! You also get to work with the new team mates that you meet.

This is one of the many challenges that i hand probably many others have to face, is being short in auxiliary. . .Another challenge we have to face is learn a new routine a few days before a show or competition. The last challenge that all auxiliary girls and boys have to face is switching from your right hand to your left.

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Mens Color Guard Uniform. Digital image. Https:// Web.

Vampire Routine. Digital image. Https:// Web.

Short Girl Color Guard Problems. Digital image. Https:// Web.