Literature Blog 2

Ms. Berrisford, Exodus, Conflict

The main conflict of the story so far is the struggle to enter the super city of New Mungo. After the whole population of the island Wing abandoned their homes and set sail, they reach the city of New Mungo they come flat against a giant wall. This wall was erected to ensure no refugees would bring disease or illness into the city and to keep it's citizens "safe", anyone who attempts to enter the city is shot on sight. This is main factor leading to the death of many ex-citizens of Wing as none of them can get near the city and eventuallyparish of illness and malnutrition. This could be resolved by setting up a quarantine as apposed to the ruthless murder of dozens.  Although, most likely the outcome of this scenario is Mara making a mad dash for great doors in the wall built to allow cargo ships to leave the city. Personally, I would do one of two things; I would attempt to reason with the city guards to allow us to either have food and water or let us enter the under-city, or I would make a run for it like I expect Mara to.

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