By: Anaruth Carias

                                                                                                                             September 22, 2014

Dear Diary,

It’s really crazy in the amount of people dying from this virus. Children, mothers, fathers, and grandparents are dying. Leaving behind their family members and the ones they love the most. I find it very unfair for the innocence to die off. Why? What did we do in order to have this disease start here? We are not rich at all; we are very far from rich. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sierra Leone, but we don’t have the resources for the infected. I have buried so many people buried that I have lost count. Every day the clock ticks like a time bomb of someone’s life. With so many people dying from Ebola, we definitely need more space. When I bury someone, I try not to step on their grave to show respect, but it’s hard with so many people to bury.

This disease called Ebola is the biggest outbreak in history. It’s scary to think that we will need for room for the dead bodies. At this rate, our population will decrease greatly. It’s so crazy that so many people are dying off so fast. When will doctors find a cure? We can’t just keep having the infected fight the disease by themselves. This causes them to die off so quickly because their body isn’t strong enough. I understand that it’s difficult to find a cure, but why did our government have to react so slow to the virus? Hopefully, soon doctors will find a vaccine or something to help with the virus. I’m so tired of going to funerals and losing love ones.

James Hamilton

Health Care

By: Shelby Stouder

                                                     November 25, 2014

Dear Diary,

Day 265 and things here at the treatment center are worsening. Civilians are hiding, but from what? That’s the scary part, there’s nothing to hide from. It’s all around us, claiming the lives of everyone close to us. Mothers, father, siblings, friends, the local business owner down the street, it feels as if there’s no escaping this hell. I am working as hard as I can to reduce the casualties, but the spread is so rapid that I can’t keep up. As one person leaves ten more arrive. Most often the patients end up never leaving. I am seen as a monster, killing rather than healing. They don’t understand how ruthless this virus is. How fast it works, diminishing its victim down to nothing more than a motionless figure. The true monster is among us, and we can’t even see it.

I wish my patients didn't have to see how draining this is for me too. I feel as if I too have the virus, just going through the motions, the only way I can deal with the horrors around me. Sleepless nights are met with screams ringing in my ears from patients in agonizing pain. I’m left with doubt and confusion circling my mind as I stir in bed. Why couldn't I save that little girl, or her baby brother? How long until I find myself in their position, battling the deadly virus too. How long until my battle is over?

Family Members

By: Christine Good


Three days ago I saw her at her worst. Her skin was pale, body was weak, and now I am in charge of taking care of my younger siblings due to the fact that my father died a year ago. He got very sick just like my aunt did. The strange people that come to my village about once a month took my mother from me. They said they were taking her to get better, to get treatment, but it has been three days and I haven’t heard a thing. The house has an odd odor after their abrupt visit; they said they had to clean the house because we children could get sick. I remember that day so vividly. For all that I know, it could have been the last day I would see my mother. As she stumbled out of the house to go with the strangers, she asked us to pray to God that she will be well and return to us soon. I couldn’t hold back the tears that filled my eyes watching her leave and not being able to hug or hold her one last time. The strange faces seemed nice but how could they be? They took my mother; the only guardian I had left. I don’t know if I can bear to lose her after losing so many others.


It has been about a month since I saw my mother go, but today was not like any other. It was a gloomy type of day, more grey than usual. I heard an odd noise trickling down the dirt road, and it was getting closer to my house. As usual, we kids were doing all our daily chores trying to keep the house up for mother when she comes home. I stopped to observe the noise and the cause of it. As I peered out the door I saw a strange but familiar white dingy vehicle; it was the strangers again. I felt a rush of relief shower over me. I find myself bolting out of the house because I knew that my mother would finally be home again. The car pulled up and I ran up to it. The strange people stepped out of the car and stopped me from going any closer. I tried looking for her in the car but I didn't see anyone else in there. I felt a flood of sorrow fill my soul as the words “She didn't make it” rang in my ears. I dropped to my knees and buried my head into my hands. I ask myself why, why has God let this virus consume almost all of my loved ones. Everything that I have ever known is gone, lost, or dead.

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