country Liberia

       they wear T-shirts sneakers also jeans  


this food is called cassava dumboy

Holidays: armed forces day ( 11 feb ) and new years day ( 1 january ) Decoration day it was the second wensday

arts/music the tugber is a instrument pli is a type of a flute they have a traditional dance called the torklor

languages: bassa kpelle english mande Gio Gbande mano Lorma and mandingo   

Liberia is famous for their diamond and gold ore

background: is a mangrove swamp of the coastal plain. it is further inland  the terrain Rises to rolling hills.

government/economy the president gets elected six years. their famous about their diamonds and iron ore gold and cocoa also coffee

cultural/custom in September 2014



                                                           the Liberia flag

the president of Liberia her name is Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

cool places to visit