Cover Letter/Letter of Intent

Rodriguez, Luisafernanda

31759 Savannah. Dr

El Paso, TX 79931  

May 26, 2015

Miguel Trevizo, CEO

Las Palmas Del Sol Medical Center 1801 N Oregon St

El Paso, TX 79902

Dear Miguel Trevizo,

I can help many women with their pregnancy. With my help many things can become easier for them with less worries. It would bring me joy knowing I did something good for someones newborn child and their mother.

I would like to obtain my position as a Neonatal Surgeon. I have had a lot of practice over the years performing C-Sections to operation on a fetus. I like to teach while completing tasks. I know i would make an amazing addition to the surgical team.

It would be amazing to get this job. I know i can bring many positive work ethic among others.


Luisafernanda Rodriguez