Let's dive into the world of 3D drawing using Google SketchUp. Today we will get started by:

  1. Downloading and install SketchUp.
  2. Experimenting with Mouse Functions
  3. Learning how to use many of the basic SketchUp tools.

Google SketchUp Make is the free version. "Pro" is available for TCEA members.



3-Button (with scroll wheel)

  1. The scroll wheel can be used to zoom in and out.
  2. The middle mouse button button can be used for orbiting (spinning around objects)


There are many toolbars available under View/Toolbar

Mac: View/Customize Toolbars drag the toolbar onto the main toolbar to replace

Shortcuts are available under the drop down menus.

To use the shortcut simply press the letter (for example, "M" for Move, "E" for Eraser)

Zooming, Panning, and Orbiting


With 3-buttom scroll wheel mouse: Press and hold the middle mouse button while moving the mouse.

  • Or click Orbit
  • Hold ctrl button
  • Move mouse
  • Arrow: Select an item
  • Eraser: Erase a line/face
  • Line: Draw/Lines/Line
  • Arc: Draw/Arcs
  • Shapes: Rectangle. Circle, Polygon

Pan: Expand or retract a face of a closed object

Offset: Create  inner/outer edges in a plane

Move: Move object or part of Object

Rotate: Rotate and Copy

Paint: Additional textures: Window/Color option

Round Objects

1. Start with a circle

Start with a circle

2. Orbit so you can create a circle perpendicular to the first one

(Lock Orientation:Shift)

Start the new circle at the center point.

3. Select the new, larger circle. (face or edge)

4. Activate Follow Me, and click the smaller circle.

The smaller circle is driven around the larger one.

5. Erase the Larger Circle

Build a House

Getting students excited about architecture is so beneficial.


File ---> Geo-Location --> Select Region --> Grab --> Set Object in Place

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