For Darkness Shows The stars

By: Lily Armstrong

The Cover of For Darkness Shows the Stars.

Kai's Character Analysis: "Your just jealous that I can fix the machine's and you can't. Elliot tried to put on her best smile when he said that. She had walked away and so had Kai. They didn't speak to each other for a week.

Rising Action: Kai left Elliot about 4 years ago to explore the world, and when he had he left Elliot and Ro heartbroken. Elliot had recently(4 years later) received a letter from the Cloud fleet them requesting a place to rent and build a ship. She excepts this letter and the Fleet comes to the Estate. She is forced to move her ill grandfather from his house and he is to stay in the Boatwright estate. The Cloud Fleets Arrival was the next day. Elliot was up early preparing for their arrival, and when they arrived something unspeakable happened, she had seen Kai. They hadn't spoke for weeks since their arrival, but when Elliot had found Kai sneaking around in the barn she was furious. He had told her to open the door( the door had all the letters Elliot had wrote him over the years but she didn't have enough courage to send them and she had no idea where he was), Elliot had wondered if he knew what was behind the door and he just wanted to torture her. Elliot hadn't open the door and she had sit down and Kai had left. The two of them hadn't spoken for a couple of days. After that Elliot, Felicia, Kai, and Olivia Grove had gone down to the plains of the estate(like a grand canyon)Kai must have been trying to show off or something because he had jumped and landed on the rock below. Olivia had wanted to try it but Felicia told her it was dangerous. Olivia begged Felicia to teach her how to do it so she gave in. Olivia had said "I  think I have the hang of it" and jumped. A terrible thing happened Olivia had jumped and hit her head on the rock and fell to the next one. Olivia hadn't woken up as Felicia and Elliot had raced to get her back to the Boatwright house. She was taken to Andromeda phoenix who was the most certified to be a medical person her brother Horatio Grove was so worried about Olivia he had raced over to the Boatwright house. It had taken Olivia several weeks to wake up. When she  woke up it was almost time for the Cloud Fleet to leave. It was the fall season and they were holding a horse race in a few weeks. Weeks before the race Benedict, Elliot's cousin had showed up.  She hadn't thought that her father had known, but he had. He had even called her to his office and Benedict had been there. Three weeks later the horse race was held and, Benedict, Tatiana, and Felicia had raced in it and the winner was Tatiana.

Climax: Weeks later the Cloud Fleet were scheduled to leave. The day they were leaving Elliot had went into the barn and saw the hole where they had always put their letters as a little kid had a letter in it she was shocked. She took out the letter and read it.

It Read:

Dear Elliot,

I can't wait in silence no longer, but I'm afraid I'm already too late. I am trapped between agony and hope-believing I have no right to speak, but knowing more how much I'd regret it if I did not. Tell me I'm not wrong. Tell me that. this time, you will accept my offer. Because I'm making it again. I want you with me, Elliot. It's all I've ever wanted. I offer you everything I have-my world, my ship, my self-perhaps they will be enough to replace what I know you would be giving up if you came with me.

      Come with me. I know what you owe the estates. I know how many depend on you, and I know I have no right to want you for my own. Come with me, Elliot, and I promise I will have you home in time for harvest. I'll be happy to shorten my mission if I know I'll send every day of it with you by my side.

I have loved no one but you for these four years . For all my years. I have been cruel to you. I have been unfair to you. But I have not been inconstant. I was so angry because I loved you so much. I want to believe that you still feel something for me, too, that I am mistaken in fearing that you don't, the way everyone- including you-was mistaken that Olivia Grove ever meant anything to me. you can't imagine the relief I felt when she came to care for Donovan-and I couldn't tell anyone. I didn't deserve to.

         I was foolish and I know  now that I paid attention to because it bothered you, but it was the wrong thing to do- I toyed with her, and when she was hurt, I felt responsible for her injuries, and then, later, responsible for being the person that she and everyone else seemed to think I was. I wore that responsibility like a badge, but it wasn't my true self.

         I believe, though it may be false, that you feel the same. you have fought so hard for your land, for the people on it, that you have forgotten a time whenever you wanted to be anything but a Luddite lord. But I remember a girl who stood on the cliffs with me, who studied star charts and who dreamed of ships. Regardless of anything else, I want you to know that she still lives. Even if you never step off this estate again, you are the bravest girl I've ever known. If you ever trusted me, trust in me this.

          But I hope for more. Come with me, Elliot, I have wanted to ask you for weeks, but I have waited, out of fear and doubt and the belief that it's nothing but my own selfishness that wants you with me. I wrestled with this, and chance after chance passed me by. I can't afford to lose this one. Please accept. This time, please accept. Please believe that no matter what, I am, ever.



Falling action: Elliot raced to Dee and her sun cart and asked her to drive her to Ro's and she  did. She told Ro we are leaving right now pack your stuff. She waited for Ro and then they were off to her house. Elliot raced inside and grabbed her clothes and raced out the door. She told Dee she was going with Kai and Dee had asked her if it was the best choice and she said that he would have her home by harvest. So she drove Elliot to the docks and there she met Kai. They ran to each other and hugged. He told her every reduced has to have a new name Ro's Would be Tomorrow. They were on the ship it was a miracle, and he was sharing it with her. "Thank you she said for coming back for me.  Elliot he bent his head close to hers, and looked deep into her eyes. His gaze was no longer strange to her. He was just her Kai, the man he'd been born to become. No matter where I went, I always knew my way back to you. You are my compass star. And he was hers."


Setting:  The setting was at the estates, and on a boat.

The Author: The Authors name is Diana Peterfreund.

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