Ecosystem Itinerary

For my first stop of my trip I will be heading to Florida with some friends. There we will be in salt water. We will go deep sea fishing, next we will takes samples of the salt water. The last thing  we will do while in Florida is, play beach volleyball. These activities will be beneficial because we would have fun on the beach and get some excersise. It would be smart to get a water sample to see the difference in water on my next stop. We are also going fishing to compare the fish on my next stops as well. Im my note book I would write that I met and saw a lot of new people while on the beach, I also saw quite a bit of dolphins while going deep sea fishing. There we will be staying at The Lodge and Club Ponte Vedra at $328 dollars a night.

My second stop.

For my second stop, we will be going to Lake Tarpon in Florida as well. Some things we will be doing in while at Lake Tarpon. We will go fishing and compare the fish we caught while deep sea fishing to the fresh water fish. We will also take a water sample of the fresh water and compare it to ocean water. The last thing we will do is ride jet skis and wake boarding. These activities will be beneficial because we will have a lot of fun while riding jet skis, and we can compare the fish and water samples. I will write in my note book that I saw a lot more differences in the ocean and the lake. I also saw a lot of creatures that i had never seen in Missouri before. We will be camping while visiting Lake Tarpon. Who doesn't like to camp?

My third stop.

For my third stop we will be going to the Kissimmee Prairie. The things that we will be doing there. We will go hunting on the prairie and take samples of the different animals stomachs. Second, we will ride four wheelers dirt bikes, and go carts all over the prairie. The last thing that we will do is cut down trees that are no longer needed and build a small type of shelter. This shelter that we build is going to be where we stay for the next few nights. These actives will also be beneficial because we will get to hunt different types of wild game, and compare stomach samples. This could be like what they eat, how much they drink and the acids in them. I personally think it would be pretty awesome to ride atvs and such all over a wet, somewhat muddy prairie. And the shelter build is beneficial because this is where we will be sleeping at nights. In my notebook I will probably write that I had fun drifting through muddy spots, I got to kill some unique wild animals, and managed to build a somewhat successful shelter.

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