Timothy Oliver's Asian Expierience

With my expierience and knowledge of the world I am going to give you the gift of ASIA!!

sui dynasty

The Sui Dynasty lasted more than 350 years. The period ended in 589 when the northern ruler Wendi reunified China. Also Wendi known as Yang Jian founded the new Sui and became the Dynasty's first Emperor. During the Sui dynasty, armies of forced laborers, male and female, were thrown into public works projects, including the building of a grand canal system which brought the north and south closer together economically. Some of the Sui Dynasty's rulers were Sui Emperor Wen (589–604) and Sui Emperor Yang (604–618).

tang dynasty

The Tang Dynasty ruled china from 618 to 907, nearly 300 years. The Tang Rulers built on the Sui Dynasty's foundations to build a better Government. The Tang Dynasty created a Civil Service Examination System, so for people to work they had to pass written exams. Also, the Tang Dynasty's rulers composed a flexible law code, which became law codes for Korea and Japan.

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