Rick Perry


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Hes married to Anita (Thigpen) Perry. He has 2 children Griffin and Sydney.

  • Capital: Austin
  • Nickname: The Lone Star State
  • State flower: Bluebonnet
  • State tree: Pecan
  • State bird: Northern Mockingbird
  • Motto: Friendship
  • Population: 26.06 million (2013)
  • Biggest cities: Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin.
  • Located: in the southwestern region
  • Republican politician Rick Perry was born on March 4, 1950, in the small community of Paint Creek, Texas. After graduating from Texas A&M University in 1972, Perry worked as a salesman, Air Force officer and cotton farmer. He was elected governor of Texas in 2000, later making history as the longest-serving governor of the state. Perry later made an unsuccessful bid for the Republican presidential nomination in the 2012 election.A Texas native, Rick Perry was born on March 4, 1950, in Paint Creek, a tiny unincorporated community in West Texas. His father, Joseph Ray Perry, and mother, the former Amelia June Holt, were ranchers. Perry's father also served as the Haskell County commissioner for many years and introduced his son to politics. As a boy, Perry was active in the Boy Scouts, and eventually earned the highest rank of Eagle Scout. He graduated from Paint Creek High School in 1968 and entered Texas A&M University.
  • What is a governor?

    The governor is the chief executive officer (CEO) of a state. His responsibilities mirror the responsibilities of thePresident of the United States, but on a smaller scale. A governor is responsible for running the state government, he/she is in charge of the National Guard for his/her state, is responsible for enforcing state laws, signs legislation to make it effective or vetoes it.

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