The Armenian Genocide

Can you imagine what it would be like to be taken from your home and tortured to the point where you die? There are many kids and adults who went through this during the Armenian genocide. These people were starved and dehydrated to the point where they would fall over and die. The only reason that these people were hurt is because their religious beliefs were different from what the Turkish government believed to be the ideal religion.

The Beginning

In 1915, Armenia was changed for the worst. The Ottoman Empire (the Turkish government) took over a Armenia's government because they wanted more land to create their own idea of the perfect race. They wanted more power  over people. They changed laws for people based off of their religion. In Armenia anyone who was Christian had pay higher taxes. The people who were christian were considered “them”. The Ottoman Empire only cared about themselves because they believed that they were superior to anyone that has different beliefs than them. They pulled families apart and killed many people. The Ottoman Empire was considered to be “us”. They never considered what they did as a genocide and they still have the same feelings today.

The Ottoman Empire's Reason

During this genocide they would divide people based off of very small things. The government made people who were Christian pay higher taxes than others. These people were being dehumanized. Another way they would divide is by destroying their families. The government would take children from their homes and convert them to Islamic and put them the ideal Turkish home. They treated people terribly just because of their religious beliefs. In this genocide, instead of killing people they would make people slowly suffer until they were dead. They watched these people struggle everyday until they just couldn't do it anymore.

The Hurt. The Pain. The Torture.

In this genocide, they would kill people by making them walk for days without food or water and they would walk until they fell to ground and died. They did this to 75% of the population of Armenia. Everyone of the 75% was Christian. They would make people suffer and suffer until it was too much. The way they treated people was terrible and dangerous. The people doing these things didn't care. They were convinced that they were doing the right thing.The Ottoman Empire allowed women to be raped and to become slaves for people. They treated people like they were nothing. At the end of this genocide, 2 million people were dead and only 388,000 people survive.

The Denial

After, this genocide ended the U.S. and Turkey denied that there was a genocide. They blamed World War I for everyone that died. Turkey didn't include the Armenian genocide in their textbooks because they didn't want anyone to find out about what happened in 1915. The government controls everything that kids learned in school. The U.S. denied this genocide because the U.S. is allies with turkey and they didn't want them to make them mad. There are many people in the U.S. that are trying to get the U.S. to recognize it as genocide. It has been 100 years since this genocide, and the U.S. still doesn’t recognize it today. They can never changed what happened but taking responsibility is always the right thing to do.



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