The Mongols lasted from the 1200's to 1368. During this time the Pax Mongolia was established which was when there was peace and stability across Asia. The Mongols started off as separate clans, which all had Khans, or leaders, in charge of each one. It was like this until Temujin united all of the clans and became known as the Genghis Khan, which means universal leader. They adopted some aspects of cultures that they took over. They also allowed the conquered to practice their beliefs and ways of life. They made advancements in the fields of medicine and astronomy. Below is a map of how they spread over time.

Mongol Warrior

The Yuan Dynasty:

The Yuan dynasty lasted from 1279-1368. When Kublai Khan acceded into the throne of the Mongols, he formally founded the Yuan Dynasty. They had lots of economic development, and prospered in the fields of science and literature. Their economy was mainly based on agriculture. Poetry was a big part in the advancement in literature. During this time, Marco Polo wrote The Travels of Marco Polo, informing the west about China.

Art that the Yuan made

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