Inventions of the Industrial Revoloution

M. bagisnki

Telephone 1875

Alexander Ghram Bell

The telephone invented in 1875 by Alexander Graham Bell has changed the ways we communicate from before the telephone in so  many ways. Before the telephone it could take days to get messages to people that were far away. With the telephone now we can talk to some one any where in the world in the matter of seconds.

Phonograph 1877

Thomas Alva Edison

The Phonograph invented by Thomas Edison was able to record messages if it wasn't for this invention we may not have a lot of the inventions we have today. The phonograph led to the reproduction of music and alarm clocks. Also it helped invent smaller things like music boxes and different types of toys.

Automatic lubricator 1872

Elijah McCoy

Elijah McCoys invention of the automatic lubricator changed travel being that it helped steam engines, to have trains run much faster with less maintenance. If it wasn't for this invention we wouldn't of been able to travel to places in the time era at a decent time. Without this invention if you think about things may not have have happened the way  in history if they wouldn't have been able to travel certain places.  

Typewriter 1873

Christopher Sholes

The typewriter was an invention that changed America because if it was for never the typewriter we may not have a lot of the history that we know. Also maybe the inventions like the keyboard and the computer may have never been invented.  The typewriter also made it more efficient to write compares to pen and paper.

The Carbon filament 1882

Lewis Latimer

The carbon filament changed inventions in the US  by improving the light bulb. With out this we would have to replace light bulbs all the time. Since this invention we are able to have  good quality light bulbs in all are rooms.

Automatic Dishwasher 1886

Josephine Cochrane

The dish washer helped us improve the time and amount of dishes we could do at one time. The dish washer also helped many businesses. It would help businesses or restaurants because they were able to wash there dishes faster and more at a time it would also make the dishes cleaner so it reduced sickness.

hand held camera 1888

George Esatman

The hand held camera made it easier to capture pictures. Also you would not have to carry around a huge camera with you so people were more likely to take more pictures. As a result of this invention  we were able to actually see what some historical events looked like.

Gasoline powered automobile 1893

Charles and Frank Duryea

The gasoline powered automobile was the start of a whole new era of transportation. The gas powered automobile made it easier to run a car  and also caused it to have less mechanical problems. Overall you could travel a much farther distance faster.

First Successful airplane 1903

Wilbur and Orville Wright

The first successful airplane change the ways of traveling. With the airplane you can now travel almost anywhere in the world.  Also the air plane improves the speed you can go to anywhere.

sewing machine 1846

Elias Howe

The sewing machine helped improve the amount of clothes and fabrics we have been able to produce. The sewing machine also helped improve the amount of jobs in the Us. Lastly after the sewing machine was invented we are able to now have so many different styles and better quality if clothing and items.

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