Nelson Mandela

By William Thomas

July 18,1918-Mandela is born

1938-Mandela attends University of Fort Hare

1944-Mandela's first marriage

1944-Forms the A.N.C. Youth League

1948-National Party Takes Power, Laying Foundation for Apartheid

1952-Mandela Starts Law Practice

December 5,1956-Mandela Arrested on Treason Charges

June 14,1958-During Trial, a Second Marriage

March 21,1960-Killings in Sharpeville

March 29,1961-Acquitted of Treason

December 16,1961-Mandela Helps Form Guerrilla Army

August 5,1962-Mandela Arrested Again

July 11,1963-Government Raid in Rivonia

June 12,1964-Sentenced to Life in Prison

June 16,1976-Thousands of Students Protest Afrikaans Language in Soweto

March 28,1982-Moved From an Isolated Prison

February 10,1985- Refuses Pardon

November 28,1985-Secret Meetings With Government Begin

June 12,1986-Government Cracks Down on Dissent

December 7,1988-Transferred to Another Prison

July 5,1989-Meets With the South African President

2013-Mandela Dies at 95

Mandela Home Country

Nelson Mandela Documentry

Nelson Mandelas Funeral

Nelson Mandela And His Family

Nelson Mandela was a great leader becausehelped to unite South Africa as it dismantled apartheid, the cruel system of white minority rule. He symbolized for all of Africa a commitment to democracy and freedom.

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