The Dumbos

Clarence and Joyce Hagen

Joyce and her husband Clarence. Clarence also known as "Hack" was an officer aboard a heavy cruiser Salt Lake City in the Pacific. Joyce was a major part of the Dumbos. Dumbos was a support group that started when the husbands were sent away to war. When the men came back they named it "Dumbo", because the dinners would be jumbo, with everyone bringing food.

During the time of WW2 wives would join mutual support groups for women all in their mid twenties. They would get together every week and play a game of bridge. Before the husband left the women would usually conceive before, and the children would be born while the husbands were aboard. The young women became emotionally mature beyond their years as their husbands were learning the responsibilities and duties of the military service.

While aboard of the heavy cruiser Salk Lake City, Hack found out that his wife gave birth to his firstborn Christopher Hagen. (Far right). The Salk Lake City made it back to San Francisco for repairs, and Hack went on to South Dakota for a reunion with Joyce and their son. Before long he had to go back to sea.

After the war ended all the husbands and wives all returned home safely and continued their civilian careers. The wives decided not to give up what was so important to them so they organized a dinner club and monthly bridge game. At the end all the women and their husbands decided they would all make a difference and do something for their community.

Joyce and Clarence- Moved to Iowa to start a practice of optometry.

Hubner and Auld- served term as president of the local school board.

Gatchells- helped start the 20-40 club for adults 20- 40 they helped raise money for a local school for girls.

"We call each other family. We vacation together, celebrate birthdays and holidays together,and help each other through tough times" - Don

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