Advanced Innovation and Stylish Look Of Seiko Velatura Watches

Seiko focused on marine sports and Velatura was born. It was 2007 and within a few years it became more than a name in the sailing community. The leading athletes in the International 49er Class (the fastest boat in the Olympic regatta) responsible, it’s their valuable insights that went into the making of the latter Velatura designs. They are made to stand the extreme rigors but the Kinetic Direct Drive Moon Phase – the flagship – still stays the favorite. The deep-blue-in-a-warm-silver-tone is a Kinetic masterpiece!

Innovation, function and refinement are at the heart of every caliber of the Velatura line. From the Kinetic Direct Drive to Yachting Timer, they are designed to serve professional and recreational sailors equally. Reliable, desirable and precise, it’s one of the greatest challenges in watchmaking that was met. The finest at the highest level!

The women’s Velatura range also reflects the unique Seiko durability and style to match the top level demands of the 49er FX. Built for the most unforgiving moments, the Seiko women’s Velatura gets it done in style.

Apart from the Kinetic Direct Drive, there’s also a Velatura mechanical chronograph that Seiko secures three times the normal with its three vertical clutches. The 28,800 vph caliber 8R28 is Seiko’s most advanced automatic chronograph movement till date though the vertical clutch and column wheel are concepts dating back to 1969. That one was caliber 6139. The hallmark of this arrangement is a reliable and accurate action with maximum smoothness imparted to the chronograph’s seconds-hand start, sweep and reset. It’s much useful when you are measuring fractions of a second. But this time, Seiko also pulls in the minute and the hour hands; the thin, single-piece, three-point hammer resets perfectly, instantly and in unison.

The power comes directly from the hour-and-cannon pinion of the primary gear-train, so increments of ¼ or 1/8 of a second are visible now. However, if you are getting your first Seiko alarm chronograph watch, start with the the Kinetic Direct Drive (caliber 5D44) or the Yachting Timer (caliber 7T84), the latter’s pre-set yachting counter timer, auto-start function (of the chronograph), the free-set countdown timer, the two alarms and split time measurement features shall knock you off!.

Compared to many of the watches built for the racing purpose, Seiko arctura kinetic watches design is clever and therefore; simple. It applies to all its six variations, which are also well-sized to fit even smaller wrists. It’s the contours that bring in the zing, together with a combination of materials like stainless steel, carbon and urethane.

Velatura also caters for diving purposes and the caliber 7T92 comes with a 200 meter water resistance; screw-down crown, button and caseback and an ARC sapphire crystal to protect it from above. Two models - urethane strap and steel bracelet; so take your pick!