Piedmont Region

A major Atlanta restaurant, the Varsity

In the Piedmont region, there are many major cities such as Atlanta, where there are large businesses like Coke, CNN, and many major sports teams, like the Atlanta Faclcons and the Atlanta Braves. Other major cities in the piedmont are Macon, Augusta.

Elberton, a city in the Piedmont region, is considered "The Granite Capital of the World." There is alot of granite mining in the Piedmont, and it is one of Georgia's main exports. The fall line also provides kaolin, which help GA in their exports.

Piedmont is a hilly region, and it is on a plateau above the coastal plains. The fall line is at the base of the piedmont region, and it separates the coastal plain region and the piedmont region.

Thunderstorms are fairly frequent in the piedmont region, due to the humidity, and the mild, temperate climate. Thanks to the amount of rain we get, agriculture is a large part of the economy.

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