An AWESOME CLAWSON Workshop dedicated to art integration.  Let's get our ART ON!

Art is everywhere!  Your classroom should be no exception.  Introduce it, study it, use it and produce it in your classroom.  
"HOW?"you say!  
Try this...

Go to Pinterest.com!  Above is my board dedicated to "pins" that are all about integrating art into so many different types of lesson plans.  Maybe the plan is not EXACTLY what you are looking for, but it might spark you next awesome idea!  Take a look.  

Go follow OreCity ClawsonClass (typed just like that) boards.  

Still not satisfied?   You want more info?
Find your favorite resource website
Edutopia, Twitter (yes, it's not JUST  a social network) and YouTube or Vimeo  are awesome choices.

Try Edutopia, Twitter (not just a social website!) or YouTube!

DON'T FORGET to start following great educators, fun makers.  
Check out this artist's TEDtalk:

THIS DUDE has created some awesome works of art!  His works could be used to team up an art class and physics class.  Super awesome stuff!  #awesome  #art  #maker  #problemSOLVER  

Go to www.ted.com to search more talks!