Be brave and get the  shoes !!

Everyone should do a random act of kindness because you might never know if  they're having a bad day. Maybe your act of kindness could make their whole day better. You can do the smallest things like smiling at someone, or talking to someone who looks sad, or make someone laugh to let the tension out. If someone needs good advice about something give them good advice. just remember this the smallest act of kindness can affect a persons life. There is this specific TED talk  by Mark Bezos  a volunteer firefighter ,he talks about how the smallest act of kindness could mean the most to a person, His video is very inspiring , he talks about this time when he needed to get a pair of shoes for the owner of the home that was on fire ,she was standing outside under an umbrella in her pajamas barefoot while it was raining and Mark Bezos's captain told him to get in the building past the fire and get the women a pair of shoes ,later during that time the lady sent a thank you letter and the thing she notices most and was more thankful for was that pair of shoes yeah i know not very great rescue but it made her feel better. So just remember that next time you see someone that needs a little help or a smile be kind and do something nice.


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