My PAAC Digital Portfolio 2014-2015

3rd Period Adair Fuentes

Im going to explain all 10 units and put five examples.

This is the first thing I made which is Digital Photography in this unit we learned how to change colors of certain items.

This is the second thing I made was a game from the Game Design unit in this unit you could make any type of game and before you make a game you have to do a story line to make a game.

This is the third thing I made which is part of the Fashion design Unit you learn about designers and what they do then you have to get a shirt or jacket thats white and design it    however you want .

This is the fourth thing I made was a blogger from the Emails And blogger unit in this unit we learn how to send emails and blog posts. sorry for the ad.

In the Photoshop unit we learned how to get pictures and crop them to put them on other pictures.

In video Production Unit we use our cameras to make videos and try to make a movie with it.

In Sound engineering Unit we learn on how to get songs and sounds to come together for they could make a certain sound.

In Keynote Presentation Unit  we learn how to make a keynote presentation to teach our classmates on how and what we learned.

In the Animation Unit We learn how to use powtoon and Emaze to show our peers what we like or dislike.

In the Desktop Publishing Unit we learn how to make a pages presentation to persuade the principal mrs Liska to change a school rule.

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