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Bella's Stats

  • Breed: Bully Mix
  • Location: ALL over the place!
  • Age: 8 - the new 2.  Right?!
  • Favorite Treat: I don't discriminate - food is food.
  • Favorite Toy: Knotted Rope
  • Favorite Pastime: Being Bossy

Hi!  I'm Bella.  Even though I'm 8, you'd never know it because I am still very, very hyper!  Some part of me is always on the move (most often my tail as you can see in my picture above.)  I too have tons of different nicknames, but by far the most common one my parents call me is THE BITCH - because I am one....in a good way of course. 

I LOVE to play.  I have to expend my energy somehow!  I also am obsessed with food.  I once got into a new bag of food and pretty much ate myself to death!  My stomach was the size of a basketball!  That didn't feel too good.  What do you expect though,  I'm practically starved on only two cups of food and a few treats a day!  What are my parents thinking?! 

I'm not much of a cuddler, except on my terms - or in the winter.  I hate the cold because I have like, no hair!  I burrow under ALL the covers so I can barely breathe.  As stupid as I think sweaters are, they do seem to serve a purpose when it's cold outside. 

I like to try to boss everyone around that I encounter.  Adults, children, dogs, cats - it doesn't matter.  Speaking of cats, don't EVEN get me started.  That 8 lb priss that I live with thinks she's a badass and trys to stand up to ME!  I swear, if Mom and Dad wouldn't kill me, she'd definitely have it coming!  I practice the utmost self-restraint around that animal!  Ugh!

My biggest praise from Mom and Dad is how behaved I can be and how smart I am.  Sometimes I think I'm too smart for my own good.  I try really, really, really, really hard - but sometimes things get the best of us.  What can ya say?!

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