Vial Liquids: Accessing Your thoughts

By: Katelyn Lugo

    The Aptitude test instructors are forcing initiates to take a vial liquid in order to access your thoughts. Is this violating a person's privacy or is it helping them decide what to choose for their future?  There's a lot of controversy going on here in Chicago. Many believe that it doesn't violate someone's privacy because the test instructor is helping the determine what faction they should be in. On the other hand others believe that it's a violation of their privacy because the instructor can access all their thoughts. Many don't know why it is necessary to consume the vial liquid to help you choose a faction because at the end of the day it is the young adult's choice to choose what faction they want to be. What do you think? Do you believe consuming the vial liquid violates your privacy or do you believe it helps you choose a faction?

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