Duties of Other Officers

By Kristine Goertzen


The sergeant-at-arms assist the chairman in preserving order.

They also execute commands.


The Historian prepares a narrative account of the society's activities.

Historian's also study and write about history.


The curator is the custodian of all the society's items of value (except library materials).

Also known as an overseer.

There are new kinds of curators emerging, curators of digital data objects, and biocurators.


The doorkeeper checks credentials of people entering the meeting hall and has the authority to deny entrance.

There have been 103 official doorkeepers in the United States House of Representatives.


The Librarian is the custodian of all the society's written and printed matter.

May hold a degree in librarianship.

The role of a librarian is continually eveolving to meet social and technological needs.


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