Leaders of Color

A safe space for meaningful conversation

Dear colleagues,

I have long held the ambition to create an offering for educational leaders of color. Wherever you lead - in the classroom, in the head office, admissions, in the community - it helps to have and to cultivate connections with others who can support your efforts yet do not necessarily share the same professional space.  

The Leaders of Color Roundtable seeks to offer a space outside your particular organization where meaningful and reflective conversations on leadership, identity and education can take place. Where group members can explore topics of concern in a supportive and safe environment.  Where each session presents opportunities to encourage and be encouraged, to listen closely and also to be fully heard.

Each session will have a guiding question or set of questions which will be accompanied by one or two short readings to be sent in advance. During our 90 minute session, we will have a quick check-in with each member, then proceed to a conversation on our topic of focus and then we will spend time looking at a particular topic brought forth by participant in which the aim is to listen and raise questions rather than offer advice.

This is my vision for the Leaders of Color Roundtable. At present I have space to conduct two groups of up to 5 participants. Meetings would be scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings, 5-6:30 pm or 6-7:30 pm EST and would take place online through a secure meeting tool once per month from October 2014 through May 2015.  A  subscription fee of $45 secures your membership for all sessions, including materials.

I hope that you can find merit and interest in this initiative. It is an experiment and a work in progress. Please share this information with colleagues of color in your school communities.  I look forward to your response and welcome your feedback.

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Thank you and best regards,

Sherri Spelic, M.Ed.

Leadership Coach

E-mail: sherspelic@gmail.com

Blog: http://edifiedlistener.wordpress.com

Twitter: @edifiedlistener

Klingenstein Leadership Academy alumna (2013)