Manawatu Gorge Trip

By Jubilee Engelke.

This term, we are learning about Sustainability. Our teacher, Mr Stove, said that we should go on the Manawatu Gorge Track and learn about Energy and see the windmills and where the landslide took place. So on the 19th of November, Rm 13 went to the Manawatu Gorge just out of Palmerston North. 26 people in the class took part and 8 parents including Mr Stove and his friend called Mrs Holdaway.

The Track

The walk through the track was about 10km and took us about 4 hours, Mr Stove said some people can run it in 45mins! I thought that the track was really nice and easy to follow. In some places though, I thought it should have been wider so that two people can walk together.

The Trip

On the trip down to the Manawatu Gorge, the kids got driven down by parent helpers. The trip up to the Gorge was really fun because Jaime's mum played music and we sang along (even though it was out of tune.) On the way back we stopped at Mcdonalds and got a McFlurry and chips!

Nikau Palms

When we were walking through the track, we saw some Nikau Palms, they had a green trunk and grey-green leaves. They were really pretty and looked nice against all the other wildlife.

The slip

During the walk, we came to a lookout. It was overlooking the slip the happened in 2011. Before going on the trip, we had to find out heaps of information about the slip so we would know about it when we arrived.

Here are a few facts I found out.

  • 1. After the slip happened in 2011, it took over a year to clean up and only opened in 2012.
  • 2. Heavy diggers were lowered down the slip to clean up.
  • 3. If you were going on a trip and had to get passed the slip, travel took 20mins longer.


About halfway through the walk, we got to a area where we could see the wind turbines close up. Everyone could hear the windmills long before we arrived. I was surprised by how big they were because, when we were driving Jaime stated that she thought she was the size of one of the propellers. She was wrong.

The Finish

When we finally got to the end of the track (after 4 hours,) everyone was happy! We rushed off to the toilets and got back into the cars to drive back to Havelock.

All in all

I thought the day was really fun and worked out smoothly. My favourite part was looking at the slip. I also enjoyed seeing the windmills/turbines and how they worked.

Thanks for reading/watching.