Kinetic and potential energy

                                                   By Matthew Rossmiller

Kinetic energy- It is anything that has the energy of movement a person walking, a ball rolling or wind blowing all has kinetic energy because it has the energy for movement.

Potential energy- Is when an object has energy that hasn't been used. A walnut in a tree waiting to drop, a dead tree waiting to fall, or a ball waiting to be dropped.

Mechanical energy- Is energy that is produced from a machine like an engine running.

Chemical energy- Is potential energy that is stored in matter like gasoline.

Electrical energy- Is when electrons pass through matter like a battery.

Nuclear energy- Comes from splitting an atom like a nuclear reactor.

Electromagnetic energy- Is when electricity and magnesium vibrate like a microwave, or a radio.

The avalanche has potential energy and kinetic energy it's waiting to be disturbed and then all of the loose snow falls and keeps on going until it settles back down into a new spot.

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