Thurgood Marshall
    Some interesting things about Thurgood Marshall. Thurgood was born on July 2,1908 in the great place of Baltimore,Maryland. He went to Lincoln university. Marshall was nominated to the U.S supreme court, he was the first black to hold the position. Marshall retired in 1991.
      More information about Thurgood Marshall. In 1965 Marshall became the first U.S solictor 14 out of 19 cases for the nation. He was 32 when he won his first case before the supreme court. He was a hard working man and he work non-stop to get where he is today. Finally Thurgood Marshall was an instrument in ending legal segregation, and became known as the first black to Justice of the supreme court. Thurgood was strong,ambitious and very smart. He is all of those thing becaue alot of people didn't like him because of his skin color but he didn't give up.

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