How Communist Theory & Practice Evolved


Karl Marx believed that the proletariats would revolt against the bourgeoisie. This was because the proletariats were treated unequally. For instance, they had poor working conditions, the pay was not fair, and they had long hours. This was considered "communism revolution" by the creator of communism, Karl Marx. His views of communism was for the working class to revolt on the factory owners. Also that the control of wealth was a groups position in society.


Lenin had been influenced by Marx's ideas of communism by studying his ideas. Lenin had wanted to bring that over to Russia since they were having political and economy issues, poor working conditions, and the Bloody Sunday Massacre. Lenin's view of communism was that it were to happen in both the rural and in the industrialized areas. Also he believed that the revolution would be lead by the peasants and the proletariats. This is how he differed from Marx. Marx had said the proletariats would revolt in the industrialized areas.


Mao Zedong had been going through the same thing in China like Marx and Lenin did. He started studying revolutionary movements from both Marx and Lenin and felt that was the best thing China could do to make life better. He was similar to Lenin by believing that the peasants were going to be the revolutionary leaders and that it would happen in a rural country. But he differed greatly from Marx about who would lead it and where it would happen. Lenin as well since he believe in both Marx's and Zedong's ideas.


When Lenin introduced communism, there was a group who opposed it. They were call the White army. These people wanted either democracy, the czar back, or they just didn't like Lenin. This had sparked a civil war in Russia. In China, the people who were against Mao's communism, were killed. These were people like bankers and business people. There was also another instance in Russia called "The Bloody Sunday Massacre." What happened in this event, was the czars killed many of the workers/peasants at a peace march.


A communist country that still exist today is Cuba. Cuba's form of communism is more strict than Marx's and Lenin's communist idea. It was like Russia, it was politically corrupt and Castro wanted it to be a communist country. There was also a split between the rich and poor. Also, like in Russia, there was practically no freedom of speech, the police force controlled everything, and no private property.

Reaction/So What?

What I think about communism is that it is only bad, if you had bad leaders. For instance, Lenin would go crazy just so Russia could be a communist country. He killed people and censored his people. Some aspects of communism are good. Like being equal or everyone gets the same thing; but maybe having some private property does help. So my opinion on communism is both negative and positive, since it has its pros and cons.

Madeleine Murrieta 3/9/2014 Period3

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