Johnnyboy's acacia 2012 portfolio

By JohnnyboyV

This is my profile about the time I had at acacia college 2012, the work I'm most proud of including my art work, talks, assignment and presentations for many subjects.

My subject's for this year

  • Art
  • Drama
  • E learning
  • English
  • Food tech
  • Health
  • Humanity's
  • Indonesian
  • Maths
  • Music
  • P.E
  • Rave
  • Science

Art- kookaburra Lino

in term one we had to make a piece of Lino with the theme of nature. I did a kookaburra and I am happy with the result. It was rather easy to do but the carving was difficult and I had made a bit of mistakes but they did not ruin the work

English- 4 book reviews

In semester one we had to read four books and write book reviews for each. I read malice, the sequel havoc, brother band and Artemis fowl. Each were great books and were easy to write about. All and all am happy with the mark I got.  

food-technology- design brief  

In term two we had to design a dish to cook and package it. I made white choc chip blueberry muffins, then made a box to put them in, it wasn't one of the best in the class but I was rather proud of the result.

history- Atacama desert

in history term three we had to pick a desert and present and oral and keynote presentation on it. I picked the Atacama desert

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