Hades Social Reseme

Pet Peeves: Nothing annoys me more then small things, especially small dogs! I need something with purpose, something to serve me! And no one fears a small dog that shakes!

Vacation Spot: Ah, New York, New York. Loud, expensive, and filled with dark secrets. Besides sweet pool and hotels, I can do some dark things!

Favorite Music: I have to keep my lifestyle dark and evil like. SO why not like the quote on quote, Devil's music? Sweet guitar solos and fast passed drums, it's just sweet! And for a favorite band, it would have to be Avenged Seven Fold! The constantly keep up the hard rock I enjoy, with icey vocals.

Favorite food: What else is there not to enjoy? A juicy steak, a perfect pizza, BBQ ribs?! But above all, the ribs are the best. And for restaurant? APPLEBEES. Why? It's a nice dark place to lay low and have my favorite ribs.

Friends: These I must chose wisely. El Patron for his brilliant plans, Hitler for mass killing, and Obama for leading the illumanati.

Favorite Movie: By far Transformers. All the fast paced battles, explosions, and drama, I can relate to it all.

Favorite Sport: FOOTBALL! Everyone must get violent to win! I enjoy seeing monsters destroy the weak.

Hobby: My hobby? Working out. I must be stronger then my prisoners, please my lady, and assert my dominance to other gods, so working out fits me just fine.

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