Chapter 11 & 12

photo credit to Ken Whytock on flickr

Clickers- I have had experience with clickers in classrooms. It was pretty easy to use and I like how the grades are instant so all the teacher had to do was put it in the grades. The only time I felt like I sometimes needed more time was in math class when we’d have a startup assignment with our clickers. I don’t like not being to find out the answer and then having the teacher say it. She’d also ask us survey questions such as if we understood the section being taught.

Digital portfolio- I don’t think any teacher has showed me their digital portfolio but I do remember having to make a paper portfolio in my child care class. It was a big three ring binder that I’d sometimes have to take home if I didn’t finish my classwork. We would get graded every two weeks on our portfolio. My friend who was in child care 3 & 4 her senior year had 4 big binders, one for each year. If we were to do everything we did digitally that would be way less paper being used but some of the tasks would be harder to do on the computer than with your hand.

Evaluating teachers- I’ve seen my teachers being evaluated by principals, future teachers and students. I had to evaluate a teacher in my teacher assisting class but it was a teacher that I had for two years so I was rather comfortable in the class but there wasn’t much to evaluate because his class was very simple. I was being evaluated in my child care class because the teacher would grade us from our teaching.

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