Isaac Newton  

By Ariaunna McCloud

time line

December 25, 1642: was Borning of Isaac Newton

1661: Newton enrolls in Trinity College, Cambridge.
1665: Newton receives his bachelor of arts from Trinity College
in Woolsthorpe. Newton conducts prism experiments, discovers spectrum of light; works out his system of "fluxions," precursor of modern calculus; begins to consider the idea of gravity
1670s: Newton works on the mathematics of gravitation in his home in Cambridge.
November 1684: Newton completes his calculations on gravity and shares them with Halley, who urges him to publish.
March 20, 1727: Death of Sir Isaac Newton, in London.

who was  he

Isaac Newton was a great an English physicist and mathematician recognised as one of greatest scientists of all time and as a key figure in the scientific revolution who made many thing as a young adult

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